When and where can I get tickets to the festival?

Tickets for the 2018 festival go on sale September 1st at 12:00pm. All tickets can be purchased over at our "tickets" page, or by clicking the below link and going to our providers website. 

Are there any age restrictions? Can underage people get into shows?

All of our shows have adult content, and nearly all venues have strict requirements from their liquor license for ages allowed into shows. 

All Ages Shows: Parkway Theater, Sisyphus Brewing
18+ shows: The Comedy Corner (8pm)
21+ shows: Comedy Corner (10pm or later), The Red Sea(all shows)

Are tickets refundable?

No refunds on tickets or badges for any reason. All sales are final.

When/how will I receive my badge(s) or ticket(s)?

We do digital only tickets - just bring your phone - there is NO REASON to print anything. If you don't have the email, just provide a photo ID and we can scan you in that way. You will receive instructions and a schedule for badge pickup a week prior to the festival. Badges and tickets will not be mailed.