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10,000 LAUGHS, October 13-15

The year was 2011. Barack Obama was in the White House, Americans still lit their homes with incandescent bulbs, and the goblin known as Bruno Mars had just begun his stranglehold on the American people. 

Then, from the minds of the greatest comedians from the Midwest*, came the beast known as 10,000 Laughs. A comedy festival showcasing amazing local and national talent. From such humble origins began a tradition that, 5 years later, we continue as the world's largest** comedy festival with numbers in its name. Local media often calls us things like, ”A local comedy festival”, “Happening at multiple places”, and, “Tickets still available.”



*Excluding Chicago and anywhere outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul if we’re being totally honest.


Thursday, October 13th

To kick off the festival, we return to what is now one of the absolute best comedy clubs in all of the Midwest. Sisyphus brewing is synonymous with great comedy and great beer, and there's no better place in the Cities to get this party started.   

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Friday, October 14th

Friday, we thought we'd switch things up just a little. We're taking over Minnesota's newest comedy club: the Royal Comedy Theater. At the same time across town, watch some of the funniest women on earth at the uptown VFW for PSSY CTRL, wrapping up the night at the grand ole' Comedy Corner Underground.

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Saturday, October 15th

Saturday we're pulling out all the stops; we're heading back to where it all started at Sisyphus Brewing, along with The Comedy Corner Underground, and The Royal Comedy Theater, wrapping up with a showcase of the best performers of the 2016 festival at a show aptly called "Best of the Fest" at Sisyphus Brewing!

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10,000 LAughs Runs on you!

10,000 Laughs is nothing without the team that helps us put it on every year. If you're short of money to check out this year's shows, this is a great way, as our volunteer team is allowed access to all festival shows free of charge. Follow the link for more info!



10,000 Laughs is nothing without the brave performers that come to Minnesota in early Fall (or Mid-Winter in opinion of the comics from L.A.). We've got one hell of a line up this year, get the down low on everyone below.


We'll start with this year's headliners...

Andy Erikson

Andy Erikson’s love of squirrels and unicorns is only surpassed by her love of performing standup comedy. She intertwines silly one liners with whimsical stories in a playful but thought provoking way.


Emily Galati

Emily Galati offers up intelligent and hilarious material with impeccable timing and a charm rarely seen on the comedy stage. In 2016, Emily made her late night debut on Conan. In 2014, she was chosen as a semi-finalist on "Last Comic Standing", appeared on Fox's "Laughs", and "Comics Unleashed".

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Mary Mack

Folk Humorist Mary Mack performs her sometimes-musical comedy at festivals, colleges, clubs, casinos and anywhere you can find a llama or a buffet line.  She has acted in cartoons, weird student films, and commercials that urge you to buy food for your hamster. 

Derek Sheen

Derek Sheen is a cuddly mess of insecurities, a gifted, one of a kind, storyteller. He’s quickly becoming a favorite among comedy fans all over the globe! He’s toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofolo and Rory Scovel! 


more PERFORMERS will be added as they are announced!