10,000 Laughs is back for year six and better than ever!

The festival packs houses over three days, showcases the kickass Twin Cities comedy scene, and connects comics from across the country. All happening October 19-21st.

We started back in 2011 with a zero dollar budget and a ragtag collection of producers, comics, and audiences. Fast forward to 2016: the 10,000 Laughs festival drew just shy of 1.000 attendees to 6 venues with 65 comics. And 2017 will only get bigger.

Come join us in the land of 10,000 lakes (hence the name…get it? Get it?) and perform on a bunch of super fun shows, with a bunch of super fun comics, in a super fun city.

We’ve got two submission tiers: LOCAL (MN, Fargo, Eau Claire) and NATIONAL. Local submission fees are always $5, and national submission fees are $10 until June 15th and $20 until July 15th. So get in on it early to save yourself some change.