October 19th • 10pm • $8


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to put on a damn good comedy show. At THE SHOWCASE FORMERLY KNOWN AS, standup comics from around the country would die 4 u to laugh at their jokes. And you will! We’ve slated some of the funniest, most batdancing performers to close out the first night of 10,000 Laughs. Come act your age, not your shoe size at Sisyphus Brewing!

Appearing on The Showcase Formerly Known As:
Ryan Kahl • Minneapolis, MN
Carlos Delgato
Newark, NJ
Erin Grother - Chicago, IL
Sam Ike • Boston, MA
Jake Silberman • Portland, OR
Jeff Pfoser
Minneapolis, MN
Paige Wesley • Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Wegleitner•Minneapolis, MN
Matt Monroe •Denver, CO
Dante Powell
Des Moines, IA