October 20th • 10:15pm • $12

George Carlin once said there are no bad words, only bad thoughts and intentions…fuck that. We know a lot of bad fucking words, and we're not afraid to use them under certain, controlled conditions.
The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival proudly presents – well, presents, anyway – THE DIRTY SHOW, 90 minutes of bad words and dirty thoughts. If you're the type of person who's offended by so-called dirty words, you quit reading this two fucks ago. If you're still with us, then this show is for you. And by all means; bring your grandma, too! Old ladies love this shit!

Appearing on The Dirty Show:
Henry C. Fuguitt •Minneapolis, MN

Hunter Donaldson •Portland, OR
Natalie Holt •Seattle, WA
Chris Post - Boston, MA
Jodie Maruska •Minneapolis, MN
Katie Nguyen, Portland, OR
Joe Christianson
 •Minneapolis, MN
Jason Traeger •Portland, OR
Kendall Farrell •
Burlington, VT
Geoff Asmus •Chicago, IL