October 20th • 8:30pm • $15


You’re not a real Minnesotan until you’ve said, “Um, Bob Dylan actually grew up in Hibbing, not Duluth.” A hard laugh’s a-gonna fall at the TANGLED UP IN JOKES standup comedy showcase, and many Tinder dates will be revisited.
We won’t make comics talk in a high, raspy voice, but we will make lots of jokes when two blonde people perform in a row. Don’t think twice, just buy tickets.

Appearing on Tangled Up In Jokes:
Shelly Paul •Minneapolis, MN
Shawn Nafstad•Minneapolis, MN
Kwasi Mensah 
• Boston, MA
Cooper Van Grol•Minneapolis, MN
Jake Silberman • Portland, OR
Comrade Tripp •St. Cloud, MN

Turner Barrowman • Los Angeles, CA
Kate Anderson•St. Paul, MN
Dante Powell •Des Moines, IA