Local Submission

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Local Submission


The submission period for the 2017 festival is May 30th - July 15th. The submission fee for anyone from Minnesota, Fargo, and Eau Claire looking to be a part of this year’s fest is $5 – we do that because we are dedicated to supporting local comedy.


Here’s the shit you should know:


•   The festival runs October 19-21st, and you will need to physically be in the Twin Cities to take part in the festival. (Yes, we’ve discovered over six years that we need to say this.)

•   Selections are announced no later than September 1st.

•   We invite around 60 comics to perform. We have a bunch of medium sized shows and one or two big ones.

•   The shows are nearly all showcase style, meaning you'll be doing 7-10 minute sets at various venues. If we have some weird theme shows we think you'll fit on, we'll almost always ask you first. 


Our production team is mostly comics, so we understand the stress of festival submissions – thanks for making 10,000 Laughs one of yours!

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