October 21st • 12am • FREE

Sure, everyone expects airplane pilots to be drunk or high, but standup comedians?? 10,000 Laughs brings you SOBER/NOT SOBER, a delightful trip (maybe literally) with comics through the world of performing under the influence.
Comics perform a short set sober, leave the showroom, and return later to perform the same set completely, off-their-ass not-sober. How will they get not-sober? We have no idea...

Our lawyers told us that we have to say The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival does not condone the use of illegal drugs, or unsafe use of legal substances, because they think fun is dumb. Roll on in for the most highly rated show of the festival to see performers blow it out of the park. 

Appearing on Sober/Not Sober:
Shelly Paul •Minneapolis, MN
Carlos Delgato •Newark, NJ
Rana May •Minneapolis, MN
Dave Losso •Chicago, IL

Matt Monroe •Denver, CO
Shane Torres - New York, NY