October 21st • 8pm • $15

We take ourselves very seriously and we want everyone to know it. Why else would we quote Ridley Scott in our Bumble profile? SERIOUSLY, WE’RE JOKING features some of the best damn comics on the festival, and we promise you’ll walk away decidedly amused. All joking aside, headliner Cy Amundson (Conan, Comedy Central) will close the show with some truly funny comedy. We’re not kidding. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Appearing on Seriously, We're Joking:
Henry C. Fuguitt •Minneapolis, MN
Rick Wood • Los Angeles, CA
Sam Ike • Boston, MA

Nathan Hoffman • Sioux Falls, SD
Katie Nguyen, Portland, OR
Sean Jordan •Los Angeles
Dave Losso •Chicago, IL
Kendall Farrell •Burlington, VT
Cy Amundson • Minneapolis, MN/Los Angeles, CA