October 17th • 7:00pm

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The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival is back, and it's so big we're going all out in St. Paul! This show is the kick off party for a week of comedy madness, with a line up of some of the best people in the cities and around the county. Use the code “hahaha” to access the free tickets to this show now!

October 18th • 8:00pm • $15

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The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival is back, and this one's a doozy! We're kicking it off at Sisyphus Brewing with OPENING NIGHT, a showcase of some of our favorite local and national comics, headlined by one of the funniest comics on the road today: SAM TALLENT!

October 18th • 8:00pm • $15

Ok, look. We've run into an issue this year. We've got so many great comedians, we couldn’t just have one kickoff show. This year, 10,000 Laughs proudly presents ALSO OPENING NIGHT, the show that's the start of a festival so big, weccan't contain it at just one venue.

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October 18th • 8:30pm • $5

In true midwestern style, 10,000 Laughs is spreading the love and fried foods to our neighboring city of Eau Claire, WI. Eau Claire has become THE comedy sister-city to Minneapolis, attracting performers from around the country for one of the best damn comedy rooms in the Midwest.

We are pumped to join forces with Eau Claire’s Clearwater Comedy Collective to present: CassaROFL - a Minnesconsin Specialty. We're serving up the funniest comics on, well, either side of the Mississippi. (we get it should be the St. Croix, please stop messaging us, it's a joke. We know our rivers.)

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October 18th • 10:15pm • FREE

Sure, everyone expects airplane pilots to be drunk or high, but standup comedians?? 10,000 Laughs brings you SOBER/NOT SOBER, a delightful trip (maybe literally) with comics through the world of performing under the influence.
Comics perform a short set sober, leave the showroom, and return later to perform the same set completely, off-their-ass not-sober. How will they get not-sober? We have no idea...


October 19th • 8:00pm • $20

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No fancy jokes here, no hoodwinking you into buying tickets…just one of the best damn headliners working today. This show will sell out, so get tickets as soon as you can!

October 19th • 8:30pm • $15

You're not a real Minnesotan until you've said, “Um, Bob Dylan actually grew up in Hibbing, not Duluth." A hard laugh's a-gonna fall at the TANGLED UP IN JOKES standup comedy showcase, and many Tinder dates will be revisited.

We won't make comics talk in a high, raspy voice, but we will make lots of jokes when two blonde people perform in a row. Don't think twice, just buy tickets.


October 19th • 10:00pm • $15

Bitch, this ain't no casserole. HOT DISH is a stand-up showcase that will fill you up before the long winter – save room for hearty portions from comedians from all over the country. The show is the perfectly melted, slightly crunchy cheese that ties the dish together…this twice-baked comedy extravaganza will have you coming back for seconds, and just maybe thirds.

October 19th • 10:00pm • $15

George Carlin once said there are no bad words, only bad thoughts and intentions…fuck that. We know a lot of bad fucking words, and we're not afraid to use them under certain, controlled conditions.

The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival proudly presents – well, presents, anyway – THE DIRTY SHOW, 90 minutes of bad words and dirty thoughts. If you're the type of person who's offended by so-called dirty words, you quit reading this two fucks ago. If you're still with us, then this show is for you. And by all means; bring your grandma, too! Old ladies love this shit!


October 19th • 10:15pm • $15

Showcase Formerly Known As.png

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to put on a damn good comedy show. At THE SHOWCASE FORMERLY KNOWN AS, standup comics from around the country would die 4 u to laugh at their jokes. And you will! We've slated some of the funniest, most batdancing performers at 10,000 Laughs. Come act your age, not your shoe size at Sisyphus Brewing!

October 19th • 11:59pm • FREE

Panic! hosted by James Doyle and Dante Powell isna stand up comedy show bringing you the highs and lows of comedy as they project random topics and ideas (from the mundane "Tell Us About Your First Kiss?" to the obscure "What Would A Katt Williams Oscar Acceptance Speech Sound Like?") onto a screen for performers to make up material about on the spot. Be it stories, jokes, interpretive dances, or anything in between, the show treats the audience to a brand new experience every time, as prepared material is NOT ALLOWED!

October 20th • 2:00pm • $10

all fantasy everything.png

All Fantasy Everything is a show where funny people and experts come together to fantasy draft pop culture, from music to movies to sandwiches, everything is in play.

****SOLD OUT*****

Appearing on All Fantasy Everything:

Hosted by:

Sean Jordan • Los Angeles, CA
 Ian Karmel • Los Angeles, CA


October 20th • 4:30pm • Free

The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival presents Late Late Breakfast is a fast-paced, energetic stand- up comedy show hosted by Tyler Jackson & Danny Maupin. Each show features top comedians delivering their polished material while going up against a bevy of unique games and challenges designed to keep both them and the audience on their toes, providing an experience that canʼt be missed. Pie fights, laser tag, polygraph tests- you never know! Expect anything and everything out of the ordinary, all of it held together by solid, hilarious standup comedy.


October 20th • 8:00pm • $20

Taylor & Rhea & Company.png

This is a one-two punch of amazing headliners at the top of their game. One of Variety’s Top Ten Comics and funny phenomenon Rhea Butcher appears alongside Taylor Tomlinson, fresh off The Comedy Lineup on Netflix! Two A-list stand up headliners, one theater, one night only. Get tickets now, because this one is going to sell out fast!

October 20th • 8:30pm • $15

Are you ready for some pure adrenaline-fueled comedy? Enter the ring for a pure comedy throw-down the likes of which Minneapolis has never seen. 10,000 Laughs is proud to step into the Gondeldome for GONDELMANIA. The man. The legend. The Emmy-nominated writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Josh Gondelman! Get ready for a no-holds-barred rumble with some of the best comedians from across the country.

October 20th • 10:15pm • $15

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We here at 10,000 Laughs regret to inform you that we've become a legitimate enterprise. At JOKES LLC, our deliverables are a synergistic mix of comedians from multitudinous locales. The comics will be leveraging their change management skills and telling jokes that we mayyy have forgotten to run by HR.

October 20th • 10pm • $15


We take ourselves very seriously and we want everyone to know it. Why else would we quote Ridley Scott in our Bumble profile? SERIOUSLY, WE'RE JOKING features some of the best damn comics on the festival, and we promise you'll walk away decidedly amused. We're not kidding.

October 20th • 10pm • $20

Grandma always said to save the best for last, and damnit Grandma, that’s exactly what we’ve done. BEST OF THE FEST features - you guessed it - the most beloved performers from 10,000 Laughs, as determined throughout the festival.
This show will knock your socks right off with an as-yet-undetermined lineup of incredible comics from around the country. We’re in as much suspense as you get your tickets now, because this show has sold out for SIX years running!

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