How much does it cost to submit to 10,000 Laughs?

Submission fees are $25 early bird until June 15, then $35 until July 15. If you’re living and performing stand up in the Twin Cities, submissions are free.

How do you decide who gets into the festival?

Every 10,000 Laughs Producer will be reviewing each and every tape. We average the reviews from the entire team and create the best lineup of hilarious, diverse performers from the highest scoring tapes.

Tape questions:
a) Does it have to be clean?
b) Can I submit a “best-of”?
c) Any other things you’d like to yell at me about the tape I submit?

A. Shit no. But don’t feel like it has to be dirty either.
B. Nope. We need at least 5 minutes of one continuous set. Feel free to start in the middle of a set, or submit a longer tape.
C. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO SEE AND HEAR YOU. That means with our human eyes and ears, not with CSI Miami video-enhancing technology. If your tape is unwatchable (your TAPE, no comment on your comedy), we’ll shrug and move on to the next one.

The producers are comics, so we like to think we know about how to put together good shows with comics that all complement each other. Just send us your best set, whatever that may be.

Can I submit my group act to be part of the festival?

We’re strictly a standup festival, so unless you’re in the vein of the Sklar Brothers or Puterbaugh Sisters, no.

I'm an agent and want to submit someone I represent, is there a special process for this?

Just fill in your representee's information, the process is no different than for individuals without representation.

Can I submit my character act to be a part of the festival?

Again, strictly a standup fest, so alt-y standup is fine, but anything where you might consider wearing a costume isn’t us.

How much stage time will I get?

Last year the average performer did 2.7 shows. We do a couple themed shows, but for the most part we have shows where you’re doing 8ish minutes for sold out houses. Expect 2 normal showcase shows, and maybe one weird one.

Is lodging provided?

All accepted performers will be provided with SHARED lodging with someone of the same gender identity (we work with people to make sure everyone is comfortable on who they're sharing with). If you require private lodging, you’ve got to pay for it out of pocket. We’ll have discounted rooms available for performers and ticket holders during the festival. If you plan on having private lodging please let us know right away!

Is travel provided?

Nah, but lodging is!