October 21st • 2pm • Free

You've had bougie brunch, now check out 10,000 Laughs brunch: comedy and alcohol at two in the afternoon. Courtney Baka and Andrew Cahak bring you a special 10,000 Laughs showing of FRESH HELL, their monthly comedy showcase that blends traditional stand up and Ka-Blingo, which is legally NOT bingo, but is exactly as much (or more) fun than bingo!

Roll out of bed at noon on Saturday and post pictures of hungover comedians on Instagram. #brunch #afternoonbrunch #whydididrinkallofthatlastnight #imsohungovermyteethhurt

Appearing on Fresh Hell:
Andrew Cahak •Minneapolis, MN
Courtney Baka • Minneapolis, MN

Carlos Delgato •Newark, NJ
Adam Quesnell - Minneapolis, MN
Rick Wood • Los Angeles, CA

Erin Ingle •Seattle, WA
Mary Jo Pehl •Minneapolis, MN
Dave Losso •Chicago, IL
Ian Aber • Atlanta GA
Shane Torres •New York, NY