When and where can I get tickets to the festival?

Tickets for the 2019 festival go on sale August 15th at 12:00pm. All tickets can be purchased over at our "tickets" page, or by clicking the below link and going to our providers website. 

Where should I stay during the festival?

We highly recommend the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Minneapolis. It’s right across the street from the Comedy Corner Underground, and pretty much centered between all the festival venues.

Are there any age restrictions? Can underage people get into shows?

All of our shows have adult content, rules for ages vary by venues detailed below.

All Ages Shows: Parkway Theater, Sisyphus Brewing, Acme Comedy Company (with parent or guardian)
18+ shows: The Comedy Corner (8pm), Acme Comedy Company
21+ shows: Comedy Corner (10pm or later)

Are tickets refundable?

No refunds on tickets. All sales are final.

What time do doors open for shows?

Varies by venue, listed below, and these are subject to change, so keep an eye on our facebook for day of updates.

30 minutes prior: Sisyphus Brewing, The Comedy Corner Underground, The Parkway Theater(10:30 shows)
60 minutes prior: Acme Comedy Company, The Plus, VFW 246, The Parkway Theater

Is there a dress code for festival shows?

In a word: no. How attendees dress varies a bit by venue - dress fancy, dress causal, dress business causal, we’re happy with it all as long as you’re not naked.

How do I volunteer?

Head on over to the Volunteer page