October 20th • 10:15pm • $12


The Puterbaugh Sisters and Beth Stelling produce and host ENTERTAINING JULIA, a variety show bringing music, characters, drag, merriment, booze, stand up jokes, sit down jokes, tomfoolery, silly billies and some of the nation’s best comics to 10,000 Laughs.

The Onion AV Club calls Entertaining Julia “something of a cult sensation,” and past jokers include: Beth Stelling (Go Gal producer and host), Eric Andre, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kyle Kinane, TJ Miller, Brody Stevens, Sean Patton, Hannibal Buress and Robin Williams.

Appearing on Entertaining Julia:
The Puterbaugh Sisters •Chicago, IL

Beth Stelling• Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Faber
Durham, NC
Carly Ballerini •Chicago, IL
Amanda Costner •Minneapolis, MN
Dylan Jenkins • Portland, OR
Patrick Susmilch •Los Angeles, CA