Alyssa Yeoman

Alyssa Yeoman.png

Alyssa was the creator of 2016-2017 hit sci-fi comedy play Alyssa Explains It All and is currently the creator/co-host of the popular podcast You Suck, Don't Leave! She is the northwest regional director for Don't Tell Comedy and a part of The Future is 0 production team. She was a stage announcer for Seattle's 2018 Pride Parade. Alyssa is also co-producer of Seattle's Naked Brunch and QTPOC Is Not A Rapper. Alyssa has opened for Amy Miller, Esther Ku, Sara Schaefer and Janelle James. Alyssa has performed in Portland's Midnight Mass, Control Yourself, Minority Retort, NW Black Comedy Festival, Intersections Festival, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and Bumbershoot.

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